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Anshan City travel theme slogan OK

Date: 2013-08-06

July 30, from the Municipal Tourism Bureau, "warm Anshan" will serve as the city of Anshan City travel theme slogan, "Spring City Buddha jade capital" will serve as the city of Anshan tourism product image slogan.

Urban tourism urban brand slogan is a core element of the urban cultural heritage, cultural personality, development concept visualization and symbolic direct expression. A city's tourism slogan itself is a kind of brand positioning, but also a brand image display, but also a brand competitiveness. To meet the "second operation", Jinzhou Horticultural and create a civilized city, and further establish a new image of the city, and expand tourism promotion, implementation of new city marketing strategy to enhance the city's awareness and reputation, Anshan need a more line with the urban character, brand identity, develop positioning and a more personalized and competitive urban tourism slogan. For this reason, since the beginning, the city tourism department access to a large number of documents, invite experts and scholars to discuss, repeated study and learn the classic examples, listen to views in the sector, based on this proposed new slogan. Respectively to the Municipal Publicity Department, Municipal Policy Research and other 18 units was consulted, and finally by the Municipal People's Government of the Fourteenth Fifteenth meeting to discuss the decision to finalize this new urban tourism slogan and tourism products slogan.

The "warm Anshan" as the theme urban tourism slogan on the grounds that: Anshan is the motherland of all steel, steel flower bloom, rendering the molten iron flowing Frank's "warm"; Anshan is a famous spa town, bubbling spring water, thermal mineral magic the release of a pool of mud Xiufeng title of this domain "warm"; Anshan tourist city in northern China, the land of charm, hospitable people all filled with her "passion." "Warm Anshan" also gives the city a vivid personality and expression, pun interpretation of urban tourism resources and cultural connotations. Currently very few domestic and the world to "warm" to explain and demonstrate their city, and "warm" the word is very common in Chinese, easy to understand, the use of high frequency character, with "passion" word to show Anshan, not only extremely vivid, appropriate, and originality.

The "Spring City Buddha jade capital" as a slogan urban tourism image of the product on the grounds that: mountains, springs, buddha, jade Anshan tourism brand products. Mountain - the mountain city of Anshan is the seat, has a national scenic thousand hills; Springs - Springs Anshan also has Asia's famous hot springs Tanggangzi; Buddhism - Buddha Anshan known, has a thousand mountains Maitreya Buddha, the world's largest jade Buddha; Jade - - Anshan still Yudu, with one of China's four famous jade Xiuyan.

Cities and urban tourism theme slogan slogan tourism product image established, Anshan City will travel in the future promotional widely used.