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Chun were preparing for New Century Grand Hotel star hotel services Competition

Date: 2013-06-26

By the LiaoningProvincial Tourism Bureau, the LiaoningProvincial Human Resourcesand Social Security Department,Liaoning ProvincialFederation of Trade Unions, the ChineseCommunist Youth LeagueCommitteeof Liaoning Province,Liaoning ProvinceWomen's Federationjointly organized the "2013Liaoning ProvinceTourism star hotelservice skills competition"will be heldJuly 2-4 at theLiaoyangAvonSpa Resortwas held.The competitionhas threerace day,July 2,3theoreticalexam-the 4thprofessional skillstests.HaichengwereNew Century GrandHotelChunWinnie Yeo, RandBao,Wang Wenbo,Cao Lihongwill beparticipatingas a representative,respectivelybartenders(cocktail), restaurantservices(Chinese banquetswing sets), restaurantservices(Western Banquetswing sets), Room Service(Chinese-style bed)and otherfourprojectstechnical competition.

ZongJunCentury GrandHoteland departments to activelyprepare forthe tournament,andorganized a "caseChunCenturyGrand Hotel2013TechnologyTournament", through theform of the gamefrom thevarious departmentsinvolved inthe selection ofthetechnical backbone of thetraining, for inthis"2013Liaoning Provincetourism star hotelservice skillscontest"to getgood grades, showcasesProsperousNew Century GrandHotel'sstyle.

In thetrainingprocess,wereChunCentury GrandHotelfourcandidatesformore than 15 hoursa dayofhard training, justbear in mindthe skillsprecautions.Error of0.3%from the beginningtonow basicallyzero error, and work toenhance thetwo-foldlimitation.Operationin terms of skills,shorten the operation timemore than 30%customer satisfaction rate ofnearly 100%.

Hope that throughthis "2013Liaoning ProvinceTourism star hotelservice skillscontest,"ChunZongNew Century GrandHotelcan enhance thelevel of professional skills, improveservice quality,"Kaiyuancare"better showto the community.I also wishZongNew Century GrandHotelChunparticipating athletesget good grades,and lookat the"2013NationalTourstar hotelservice skills competition."