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Zong Jun Century Grand Hotel start 'entrance Care' activities

Date: 2013-06-07

June 7news,ZongJunCentury GrandHoteltodayofficially launched"entranceCare" activities,rushed to thesiteentrance,to the majorityofstudents andparentspaternity testwater toprovidecool airat.

It is understood thatthe cityin the seamore thancollege entrance examinationentrance, a group ofcasesProsperousNew Century GrandHotel staffat the school gatefor the candidatesand parentsprovide freedrinking water,folding, summerdrugs,cool oilitems, and more. "I wishHaichengstudentspass the examination, "the bigbanner.This time,to participate in "Caringentranceline," the staffareattentivepicked80,90universitygraduates, the hotel staffbased on their ownexperiencewith thecandidate parentsfor intimatecommunication and exchange,for the candidates toprovide parents withtheir preciousexperience.

ThesewereChunfromNew Century GrandHotel staffbut also for theparents to providelargeumbrellastoshadesummerfor everyone.Insidethe hotel,restauranttransformed into "foyerentrance examination"providedfree of charge forstudents and parentsa breakvenueand presentedtea, coffee and otherbeverages.ChunZongNew Century GrandHotel staffsaid that from thebeginningthe hotelstationed inHaicheng, has beenin the exploration andwelfare,environmental protection,combininga series ofpublic activitiesfrom the hotel, such asenvironmentalWalking Festival,there you havemyenergy saving, CD-ROMprogram,Kaiyuancyclingteams,theyhoped tomakesuperior hotel iscloser tothe people,moregreen and healthy.

ZongJunCentury GrandHotelofficialssaid,this "entranceCare" activities,the entire hotelisan important part ofthe plan.SubsequentcasesChunCentury GrandHotelwillunswervinglycontinue to organizecharityactivities,energy saving,the spirit ofmutual helpspreadmorecorners.