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Kaiyuan grow up rapidly growing Adds three 5 star hotels

Date: 2011-02-21

Lunar New Year, New Century Hotel Group successfully signed within a week, three five-star hotel management contracts, namely Haicheng were Chun Kaiyuan Hotel (Liaoning), Luohe Henghui New Century Grand Hotel (Henan) and Yiwu threeDing Kaiyuan Executive Apartments (five-star hotel), which created a single week Kaiyuan Hotel signing three high-star hotel records.

Haicheng were Chun Kaiyuan Hotel (Liaoning) is located in Liaoning Haicheng City Centre Block, is the only one five-star hotel in Haicheng.Owner Liao Ning Zongjun Haicheng City Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is the largest real estate development company, has developed a number of projects at the local, currently has 450,000 square meters of property in the same development.Hotel designed and built according to international five-star standards, the subject of 29 layers, the construction area of about 42,000 square meters, with a total investment of about 300 million, with various rooms 230 (sets), including a presidential suite, including executive rooms.The hotel has 20 rooms catering boxes, with large and small conference hall 5, an area of 7000 square meters, conference hall can accommodate up to 1,200 people, in the conference hall can accommodate 500 people, and the other has two international meeting room to meet met with foreign guestsrequirements.They also have 330 parking spaces.Slow roll bar, gym, KTV, swimming pool and other sports and recreation facilities, whether for business entertainment or sightseeing, guests can make a comfortable body and mind.The hotel is expected in May 1, 2011 opening.

Luohe Henghui New Century Grand Hotel (Henan) Co., Ltd. from Guangdong Hang Fai Industrial Group Co., Ltd. under construction in Henan Henghui tourist hotel, located in Henan Luohe city center, away from Zhengzhou International Airport, one hour's drive away.Hotel construction area of about 60,000 square meters, planning various types of luxury rooms 420 sets of other sports and recreation, and other supporting facilities, regardless of guests come here for business meetings, sightseeing or leisure are the ideal choice.Hotels plans to October 1, 2011 opening.

Henan Luohe City is located between Zhengzhou and Wuhan, as the Central Plains Greentown, urban green coverage rate reached 42%, urban streets as shade cover, flowers, Shahe natural beach and riverside garden beautiful and pleasant scenery.Ecological, recreational forest park for the tone of open source, technology, green, green companies characterized Tianyi planting bases have become a tourist hot spot.In addition, the Beijing-Guangzhou railway and intertwined Luo Bao railway, 107 State Road and Beijing-Shenzhen Expressway runs through the whole territory, constitutes the Luohe ease of access.Therefore, Luohe New Century Grand Hotel Fai establishment, to meet the needs of the local tourism market, while also Kaiyuan brands settled on the promotion of local tourism and economic development have a positive impact.

Yiwu Sanding Kaiyuan Executive Apartments (five-star hotel) is Kaiyuan Hotel Group in Jinhua Jinhua region, following the World Trade Center New Century Grand Hotel, Yiwu Sanding New Century Grand Hotel entrusted with the management after another one five-star hotel.Built according to international five-star standard hotel, architectural design by American HBA's full surgeon, planning various types of rooms 240 sets.Hotel is located in the core area of international trade city-bit, Yiwu City, the new city center, this area contains major domestic commercial banks, financial institutions, conference centers, government agencies, large corporations, high-star hotels and shopping malls, etc., is a business, leisure, sports and entertainment in one of the diversified functions formats to meet the needs of all guests, the future Supreme Yiwu leading lifestyle lies.

2015 New Century's hotel at least 125 Hotels

Three highest international standards of high-star hotel has presented in Kaiyuan Hotel territory, on the one hand shows the Kaiyuan Hotel Group's strength, it also reveals the brand in the second and third tier cities Kaiyuan brand competitive advantage.According to statistics, as of now, Kaiyuan hotel operations and contracted reached 77.And in accordance with the "two five planning", 2015, New Century's at least 125 hotels, which account for a high 65-star hotel.

Most of these will be the new hotel brand, management and other forms of output open."Kaiyuan helm Chen Miaolin told reporters in an interview that" in the past that he bought land, built a house, repair mode already too old-fashioned hotel, the money, time, occupies a huge cost; therefore, when we Kaiyuan brand has been inindustry started, we began the hotel's brand output.